How much Klout have you got online?

How much Klout have you got online?

For a while now I have been using the online influence ratings site Klout. For those who have not heard of this before it basically uses a range of algorithms on different social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Foursquare, Quora and more to estimate your influence and reach on the web.

As more and more businesses begin to use Social Media for their marketing the general noise and information overload that we all experience continues to grow and get increasing difficult to navigate and filter. The game gets harder as our competitors join the conversation and as we put more effort in to this part of our marketing we increasingly want to know what return we are getting on our investment.

Up until recently I had not found anyone with a perfect 100 out of 100 for their Klout score. My own Klout score of 39 is quite poor, however this is understandable when you look at the full results. I flit about between topics depending on what is on my priority or interest list, I engage with different people at different times and there are often periods of time when I don’t engage very much at all because I am really busy on a particular project and during the times when I am teaching and in meetings.

Even Klout’s own profile only scores 86 out of the possible hundred and famous tweeter Stephen Fry scores 82. Most of my contacts and people who influence me are in the 40 to 60 range, however this week I discovered (thanks to twitter) one person with a perfect 100 Klout score and he doesn’t even use Klout. Unsurprisingly it is the twitter trend topper Justin Bieber.

Klout is a great way to compare yourself to your peers and more importantly your competitors. It can also help you to find other influential people to follow and engage in conversation.  There is also an add-in for twitter so that you can see a klout score beside each of the people in your timeline. You can even incorporate Klout in to your Sharepoint site to allow employees to compare themselves to colleagues.  Here is a quick guide: Adding Klout to SharePoint

Perhaps I should be trying to improve my Klout score.  Social Media experts would suggest that you should monitor ratings site such as this and others such as Peer Index in order to get a good overall view of your results.  I would also suggest it is useful to monitor real time filtering and trending sites to get an instant picture of how your topics are performing.

I would love to know what everyone else thinks.  Please post your comments on this page and tell me how you monitor your own online influence.


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