Changes at Twitter



There seems to be lots happening with Twitter at the moment, the recent OAUTH changes resulted in lots of people telling me they had problems with twitter applications on their phones (in particular the iphone) and today I logged on to the main website to find a massive change is happening to the user interface.

OAUTH is twitter’s way of managing security as many people use other applications such as LinkedIn and TweetDeck to manage their twitter accounts. The new protocol for OAUTH means that you should no longer need to provide your twitter logon details to third parties in order to use their applications with your twitter account.

This change was first announced to developers in December, however there are still a few apps who have not updated the way their security connection with Twitter works and if you were using one of these when the system was changed it is likely that it will have stopped working. However I have heard from quite a few people who found that other apps which should already be using the new authentication method still stopped working for them, the solution was simply to uninstall and reinstall the app so hopefully everyone will have figured that out by now or changed to a different app that does work.

The changes to the twitter interface are very good. The new system gives you much more information on one screen and is very easy to navigate. For all those people who spent time and/or money getting their background sizing just right so it displays on most screen resolutions, the new twitter window takes up much more of the screen so you may need to re-think your branding. On the plus side the right hand part of the pane is opaque so a bright, tiled logo may be the best option.

The ‘New Twitter‘ is currently being rolled out as a preview so you may not see it until a bar appears at the top of your screen asking you to click a link to change your view. Don’t worry if you don’t like it, for the next few weeks at least twitter are allowing you to turn off the preview and return to the original screen.

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